Making wastewater less acidic could help the ocean capture more carbon

Altering wastewater released into the ocean could help store carbon stockphoto-graf / Alamy Reducing the acidity of the huge volumes of wastewater discharged into the oceans could be a relatively straightforward way to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and slow climate change. But early tests have spurred controversy over potential environmental consequences. Ming Li … Read more

Making Chemistry Safer Is Worth the Price Tag

Hazardous chemical spills like the one that happened in East Palestine, Ohio, last year when a train derailed, are the tip of the iceberg of our chemical pollution crisis. Scientists say we are rapidly approaching a “planetary boundary,” the point at which industrial chemicals are altering the “vital Earth system processes on which human life … Read more

CDC’s Labs Are Making a Comeback. Now They Need Support

February 12, 2024 5 min read The pandemic early exposed weaknesses in CDC’s laboratories. Organizational and culture changes there are good first steps, but more must be done By Jill Taylor, Ewa King & Scott Becker Almost unnoted, the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the COVID pandemic in the U.S. passed in January. Missteps … Read more

Artificial touch: The new tech making virtual reality more immersive

YOU open a door and it hits you – a flare of warmth on your skin. You brace yourself to go inside, battling smoke and heat. Flames flicker around you as you make your way through a burning building. You find what you came for and escape. Outside, it is so cold you start to … Read more

Neuralink: What do brain implants do and why is Elon Musk making them?

Neuralink was founded by Elon Musk to create brain-computer interfaces Costfoto/NurPhoto/Shutterstock What is Neuralink? Neuralink was founded in 2016 by Elon Musk, who also runs SpaceX, Tesla and X, formerly Twitter, to create brain-computer interfaces: devices connected to the brain that allow people to communicate with computers by thought alone. These devices could allow you … Read more

Lactic Acid Isn’t Making Your Muscles Sore. Here’s What’s Really Behind It. : ScienceAlert

As many of us hit the gym or go for a run to recover from the silly season, you might notice a bit of extra muscle soreness. This is especially true if it has been a while between workouts. A common misunderstanding is that such soreness is due to lactic acid build-up in the muscles. … Read more

Vibrating pill may help with obesity by making your stomach feel full

The pill contains a vibrating motor powered by a small silver oxide battery. When it reaches the gut, gastric acid dissolves its outer layer. This causes an electronic circuit to close, which starts the vibration Shriya Srinivasan, Giovanni Traverso, MIT News A vibrating pill that tricks the brain into thinking the stomach is full could … Read more

Kākāpō Parrots Are Flightless, Adorable and Making a Comeback

Kākāpō are avid walkers, wandering on strong legs for miles at a time and hiking up mountains to find mates. They’re keen climbers too, clambering up New Zealand’s 65-foot-high rimu trees on large claws to forage for red berries on the tips of the conifer’s branches. But there’s one thing that the world’s heaviest parrot species can’t … Read more

‘For All Mankind’ season 4 episode 6 review: Culmination of a storyline decades in the making

Multi-season arcs are now the standard in prestige T.V., but most shows’ stories don’t unfold over multiple decades. Four seasons in, “For All Mankind”‘s alternative history of the space race now stretches from the late-1960s into the early 21st century, and seeds that were planted 30 (fictional) years ago are now coming to spectacular — … Read more