This Quirky Medieval ‘Manga’ Is The Cutest Japanese History Lesson Ever : ScienceAlert

At first glance, it looks like a piece of historical whimsy: a sequential, pictorial account of rats scurrying about in preparation for a wedding feast. Inked sometime between 1550 and 1650 CE, during Muromachi, Azuchi–Momoyama, or Edo Japan, the anonymous picture scroll titled Nezumi no sōshi emaki – The Illustrated Rat’s Tale – is more … Read more

Fra Mauro: The magnificent medieval map that made cartography into a science

Fra Mauro’s beautiful, intricate map of the world History_docu_photo/Alamy​ DURING a stay in Venice a few years ago, I spent time in the Correr Museum, soaking up the city’s history. Located in Saint Mark’s Square, the museum displays imposing statues, paintings of sea battles and ancient weapons. But as I passed through the last room … Read more