Bizarre 2,000-Year-Old Bronze Hand Found Covered in Mysterious Writing : ScienceAlert

Researchers have come across a wonderfully intriguing find in the north of Spain: a bronze hand dating back some 2,000 years, all the way back to the Iron Age, with four lines of strange symbols inscribed across its top. A new study suggests that this ancient epigraph is related to ancient Paleohispanic languages, and may … Read more

The Mysterious Case of The Youngest Person Ever Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s : ScienceAlert

In 2023, neurologists at a memory clinic in China diagnosed a 19-year-old with what they believed to be Alzheimer’s disease, making him the youngest person ever to be diagnosed with the condition in the world. The male teenager began experiencing memory decline around age 17, and the cognitive losses only worsened over the years. Imaging … Read more

A Mysterious Wave-Like Structure in Our Galaxy Found to Be Slowly Slithering : ScienceAlert

Gazing out upon the apparently unchanging sea of stars around us, it’s tempting to think of the Milky Way galaxy as static and everything within it as fixed and immutable. While the timescales on which our galaxy moves often defies human experience, move it does indeed. Not all of these dynamic processes are easy to … Read more

A Mysterious Virus Called ‘Alaskapox’ Is Emerging. Here’s What We Know. : ScienceAlert

Scientists and health professionals are closely monitoring a rare virus known as Alaskapox after a fatal case popped up in a new area. The few cases diagnosed since Alaskapox was first identified in 2015 have typically been associated with mild symptoms, including joint and muscle pain, swollen lymph nodes, and one or more bumps or … Read more

One of The World’s Most Mysterious Whales Shows Signs of Holding Traditions : ScienceAlert

Repeated sightings of an elusive whale in a strange place could indicate a cultural tradition. Scientists have repeatedly seen a group of Baird’s beaked whales (Berardius bairdii) frolicking in shallow waters around the Commander Islands, at the border between the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea. The strange part? Baird’s beaked whales, like all beaked … Read more

Mysterious Ancient Megastructure Discovered Lurking Beneath The Baltic Sea : ScienceAlert

Beneath the cold, dark waves of the Baltic Sea, a hidden piece of history lurks. In Germany’s Bay of Mecklenburg, 21 meters (69 feet) down, scientists have found an ancient stone megastructure, dating back to the Stone Age, more than 10,000 years ago. Spanning a length of nearly a kilometer (0.62 miles) and consisting of … Read more

Mysterious Rings Around Space Rock Might Be Carved by a Secret Moon : ScienceAlert

The secret lives of minor planets may be even more complex and fascinating than we thought. Scientists have discovered that a pair of gossamer rings circling an asteroid-like chunk of rock in the cold reaches of space out past Jupiter are likely being shepherded by a tiny, unseen moonlet. The rock is named Chariklo, a … Read more

Mysterious ‘Obelisks’ Discovered in Humans. But What Are They? : ScienceAlert

Biological entities called obelisks have been hiding – in large numbers – inside the human mouth and gut. These microscopic entities, which were recently discovered by a team at Stanford University, are circular bits of genetic material that contain one or two genes and self-organise into a rod-like shape. Although the study is still in … Read more

India’s Chandrayaan-2 moon orbiter catalogs tons of mysterious solar flares

New research has created a comprehensive catalog of mysterious, slow-building and ultra-hot explosions coming from the sun’s atmosphere. The findings suggest a substantial amount of these strangely lethargic flares, which were first discovered in the 1980s, warrant a deeper investigation. Solar flares are explosions of energy that occur when the magnetic field lines of the … Read more