Orca pod disappears after being trapped in drifting ice off Japan

Orcas trapped in ice off the coast of Japan NHK/screengrab A pod of more than a dozen orcas has disappeared after having thrashed in freezing Japanese waters for about a day trying to escape being trapped by drifting ice. It isn’t known what has happened to them, but there are fears they have died. Fishermen … Read more

Are Orca Whales Friends or Foes?

Carin Leong: Orcas have been all over the news recently. [CLIP: News montage] Leong: Earlier this year the story of orcas ramming into yachts off the Spanish coast kind of took off. [CLIP: News montage] Leong: People on the Internet were calling them allies, hoping that they would sink billionaires and making other jokes about … Read more