Vampire black hole is a ‘cosmic particle accelerator’ that may solve a longstanding astronomy mystery

Scientists may have found evidence that vampire black holes feeding on their victim stars — so-called microquasars — are the cosmic particle accelerators responsible for mysterious high-energy cosmic rays we see bombarding Earth. These stellar mass black holes exist in binary systems with a supergiant star from which they greedily strip material. Some of that … Read more

Weird particle physics stories that blew our minds in 2023

The past year was a big win for particle physics, as experiments and nature conspired to produce some truly stunning results. Here are the biggest stories about the smallest particles from 2023.  1. Here comes the sun goddess An illustration showing a cosmic ray hitting the Telescope Array experiment’s detectors. (Image credit: Osaka Metropolitan University/L-INSIGHT, … Read more

Road Map for U.S. Particle Physics Wins Broad Approval

WASHINGTON, D.C.—U.S. physicists have a bold new plan to “explore the quantum universe,” from the smallest bits of matter to the broadest reaches of the cosmos. On December 7 the Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel (P5), a committee of experts that convenes roughly once a decade, debuted its draft report, which charts a course for … Read more