Scientists Discover an Ancient Pattern Hidden in The Feathers of Birds : ScienceAlert

According to an analysis of hundreds of preserved bird specimens from museum collections around the globe, there’s a specific set of feather rules behind the power of flight. These newly discovered rules allow scientists to better predict which dinosaurs could fly too. “Theropod dinosaurs, including birds, are one of the most successful vertebrate lineages on … Read more

Neurons in The Brain Appear to Follow a Distinct Mathematical Pattern : ScienceAlert

Researchers taking part in the Human Brain Project have identified a mathematical rule that governs the distribution of neurons in our brains. The rule predicts how neurons are distributed in different parts of the brain, and could help scientists create precise models to understand how the brain works and develop new treatments for neurological diseases. … Read more

People With Suicidal Thoughts Show a Chemical Pattern in Their Blood : ScienceAlert

Scientists have figured out a way to identify those most at risk of suicidal behavior, based only on biological markers in their blood. The analysis isn’t foolproof, but in a test of nearly 200 participants – half of whom had major depressive disorder and suicidal ideation, and half of whom did not – the accuracy … Read more

Snowflakes fall to the ground according to a universal pattern

Snowflakes fall in similar ways Mariia Tagirova/Shutterstock Individual snowflakes have unique, intricate patterns, but the complicated way in which they fall appears to be universal. Normally, when an object falls to the ground it picks up speed until the forces of gravity and air resistance balance out. At this point, the object stops accelerating, reaching … Read more

A Hidden Pattern in Children’s Eyes Can Reveal if They Have Autism : ScienceAlert

Deep learning AI models could be used to screen for autism and check on the severity of the condition, according to new research – and all the AI might need is a photo of the subject’s retina. Previous studies have linked changes in retinal nerves with altered brain structures, and from there to Autism Spectrum … Read more