Powerful twin solar flares erupt from sun as cell phone outages spike across US (video)

Two outbursts from the sun caused widespread cellphone outages throughout the United States on Thursday (Feb. 22). Two powerful solar flares erupted from the sun on the evening of Wednesday (Feb. 21) and during the early morning of Thursday (Feb. 22). An X1.8-class flare occurred at 6:07 p.m. ET (2307 GMT) on Feb. 21, and … Read more

People who are blind can navigate indoors with a phone in their pocket

Now there is no need to hold your phone out when navigating FG Trade/Getty Images A pair of smartphone apps can guide people who are blind through unfamiliar buildings, even if their handset is tucked away in a pocket. The researchers behind the technology say its crucial advantage is that the tools require no costly … Read more

Your unique breath ‘fingerprint’ could be used to unlock your phone

It may be possible to identify people from the way they breathe RossHelen editorial/Alamy The air turbulence created when breathing could be used as an effective biometric test for unlocking smartphones or other devices – one with the morbid advantage that, unlike other tests such as a fingerprint scan, it cannot be passed by a … Read more

NASA’s Voyager 1 probe in interstellar space can’t phone home (again) due to glitch

NASA’s Voyager 1 probe is currently unable to transmit any scientific or systems data back to Earth. The 46-year-old spacecraft is capable of receiving commands, but a problem seems to have arisen with the probe’s computers. Voyager 1’s flight data system (FDS), which collects onboard engineering information and data from the spacecraft’s scientific instruments, is … Read more