Tiny magnet could help measure gravity on the quantum scale

All objects exert a gravitational pull, no matter how small Karl Dolenc/BeholdingEye/Getty Images A device that can measure the gravitational force on a particle that weighs less than a grain of pollen could help us understand how gravity works in the quantum world. Despite keeping you stuck to the ground, gravity is the weakest force … Read more

Physicists Have Figured Out a Way to Measure Gravity on a Quantum Scale : ScienceAlert

Acting on a tiny particle levitating in a magnetic trap, physicists have just measured the smallest gravitational pull ever recorded. The particle weighed just 0.43 grams. And the strength of the gravitational force at play was on the scale of attonewtons (10-18 newtons). That’s small enough to be right on the verge of the quantum … Read more

‘Quantum gravity’ could help unite quantum mechanics with general relativity at last

Scientists have determined a way to measure gravity on microscopic levels, perhaps bringing them closer to forming a theory of “quantum gravity” and to solving some major cosmic mysteries. Quantum physics offers scientists the best description of the universe on tiny scales smaller than atoms. Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity, on the other hand, … Read more

Odd quantum property may let us chill things closer to absolute zero

There is a brand new way to keep things cool Botyev Volodymyr/Shutterstock A new type of cooling relies on an exotic quantum mechanical property rather than putting objects into cold environments like refrigerators – and it might one day help us chill things to temperatures lower than any we have reached before. How cold or … Read more

Quantum computers are constantly hampered by cosmic rays

IBM is one of many companies working on quantum computers Nearly a fifth of all difficult-to-correct errors in quantum computers are caused by powerful particles from space hitting the machines. While these cosmic ray-induced errors have long been predicted by scientists, this first precise measurement of how often they occur could help to error proof … Read more

Quantum Phenomenon Explains Tiny Molecule’s Huge Impact on Global Warming : ScienceAlert

In 1856, an American scientist that history almost forgot, Eunice Foote, discovered the extraordinary ability of a teensy, transparent molecule, carbon dioxide, to absorb heat. From a simple experiment, she rightly deduced that an atmosphere containing CO2 would “give to our Earth a higher temperature” – describing the driving force of global warming and providing … Read more

World’s 1st fault-tolerant quantum computer launching this year ahead of a 10,000-qubit machine in 2026

The world’s first commercial fault-tolerant quantum computer with “logical qubits” may be running before the year’s end. Logical qubits — physical quantum bits, or qubits, connected through quantum entanglement — reduce errors in quantum computers by storing the same data in different places. This diversifies the points of failure when running calculations.  The new machine, … Read more