Constellation review: Thriller’s science frustrates but it looks great

Astronaut Jo (Noomi Rapace) with daughter Alice (Davina Coleman) Apple TV+ ConstellationMichelle MacLaren, Oliver Hirschbiegel, Joseph CedarApple TV+ WHAT kind of life would you rather have: one filled with ecstatic highs and dizzying lows, or one of middling satisfaction, free from disappointment? I suspect most astronauts would opt for the former, while risk-averse normies like … Read more

‘Spaceman’ sees Adam Sandler shine as a cosmonaut in crisis in Netflix’s somber new sci-fi (review)

In a stripped-down departure from his comedic roles in films like “Happy Gilmore,” “Billy Madison” and “The Waterboy,” Adam Sandler stars in “Spaceman,” Netflix’s existential odyssey into the mysterious chambers of the human heart to deliver a touching examination of our universal need for companionship and connection. Directed by Johan Renck and based on Jaroslav Kalfař’s … Read more

Dune Part Two review: Thrills sure, but not weird enough to be good

Learning the ways of the desert … Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures Dune: Part Two Directed by Denis Villeneuve In cinemas from 1 March So here’s where we’re at, in the concluding half of Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune. Cast into the wilderness of arid planet Arrakis by … Read more

Wise Animals review: Exploring the entwined worlds of humans and tech

Every part of our lives is a result of humans co-evolving with tech Shutterstock/interstid Wise AnimalsTom Chatfield (Pan Macmillan) IN 1770, inventor Wolfgang von Kempelen claimed to have created a machine that could skilfully play chess against human opponents. Known as the Mechanical Turk, his contraption defeated many challengers, including Napoleon Bonaparte and Benjamin Franklin, and caused … Read more

‘Constellation’ episodes 1-3 review: A well-made thriller that may be revealing its cards too soon

It’s not every week that we receive a new, big-budget sci-fi show from Apple, so that alone is worth celebrating after watching “Constellation“‘s three-episode premiere. Thankfully, Peter Harness’ (BBC’s “The War of the Worlds”) new series is also a pretty enjoyable ride so far. From the get-go, it’s abundantly clear that Apple and the production … Read more

Small Spaces in the City review: Can we thrive in a smaller future?

Takeshi Hosaka’s micro-home, Love2 House, in Tokyo, features in the Small Spaces in the City exhibition. © Takeshi Hosaka Small Spaces in the City: Rethinking inside the box ROCA London Gallery, until 16 March 2024 “Cook’s at it again,” reads one Antarctic station log entry from the 1970s. “Threw a lemon pie and cookies all … Read more

The End We Start From review: Jodie Comer is gripping in climate drama

The Woman (Jodie Comer) and her baby must survive floods Signature Entertainment The End We Start FromMahalia BeloOn general release in UK cinemas US release to be announced ACCORDING to Thames Water, the UK’s largest water and wastewater company, parts of London experienced a month’s worth of rainfall in a single hour in July 2021, … Read more

The Last of its Kind review: How the great auk left an enduring legacy

The great auk was driven extinct by a scientific market for its eggs and stuffed remains Oscar Dominguez/Alamy The Last of Its KindGísli Pálsson (Princeton University Press Out now in the US; in the UK 2 April) IN 1858, John Wolley and Alfred Newton, two British scientists, travelled to Iceland to study the great auk, … Read more

The Fruit Cure review: A chilling tale of dubious diets and ‘wellness’

Jacqueline Alnes author of The Fruit Cure SYLVIE ROSOKOFF The Fruit CureJacqueline Alnes (Melville House Publishing) WHEN Jacqueline Alnes was 18, and in her first year at a US college, she was a talented athlete and runner. Two years later, she was using a wheelchair and largely confined to her house following the onset of … Read more