California Man Free of HIV And Cancer in Astonishing Medical Recovery : ScienceAlert

On the list of illnesses that nobody wants, cancer and HIV both rank pretty high, and Californian man Paul Edmonds had both. But ever since one particular treatment five years ago, he’s been free of both cancer and HIV. The patient is now considered in remission from acute myelogenous leukemia (AML), and in another two … Read more

Scientists Discover an Ancient Pattern Hidden in The Feathers of Birds : ScienceAlert

According to an analysis of hundreds of preserved bird specimens from museum collections around the globe, there’s a specific set of feather rules behind the power of flight. These newly discovered rules allow scientists to better predict which dinosaurs could fly too. “Theropod dinosaurs, including birds, are one of the most successful vertebrate lineages on … Read more

Cars in One Country Are Emitting Way More CO2 Than Elsewhere : ScienceAlert

Australian passenger vehicles are emitting 50% more carbon dioxide (CO₂) than the average of the world’s major markets. And the real-world situation is even worse than official figures show. That’s the finding of a new study comparing the CO₂ emissions performance of cars, SUVs and light commercial vehicles in Australia and overseas. The comparison suggests … Read more

Ancient Megalith Found in Peru Is One of The Oldest in The Americas : ScienceAlert

A century or so before the pyramids graced the Egyptian horizon, around the same time as the erection of Stonehenge, hunters and gatherers half a world away were building megalithic stone structures to rival those of farmers. One of the earliest examples to date – an 18 meter (about 60 foot) wide circular plaza made … Read more

Ultrasound Can Probe Deep Into The Brain to Relieve Pain : ScienceAlert

Treating pain in the brain isn’t easy – what with it being essential for everything we think and do – but a newly developed, non-invasive method of using ultrasound is showing particular promise, as outlined in a published study. Researchers from the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine used tightly focused beams of ultrasound, aimed … Read more

Strange Phase of Matter That Only Existed in Theory Turns Out to Be Real : ScienceAlert

A strange phase of matter that previously existed purely in the realm of theory has finally been detected in a real material. It’s known as the Bragg glass phase – a strange, seemingly paradoxical arrangement of atoms in a glass material where the particles are nearly as ordered as those in a perfect crystal. Scientists … Read more

Shock Discovery Reveals The Giant Anaconda Is More Than One Species : ScienceAlert

The green anaconda has long been considered one of the Amazon’s most formidable and mysterious animals. Our new research upends scientific understanding of this magnificent creature, revealing it is actually two genetically different species. The surprising finding opens a new chapter in conservation of this top jungle predator. Green anacondas are the world’s heaviest snakes, … Read more

New Discovery Crushes Hopes of Finding Alien Life on Titan : ScienceAlert

Hopes of discovering some kind of extraterrestrial life within our own Solar System have suffered a blow with a new paper suggesting Saturn‘s largest moon is likely barren. “Unfortunately, we will now need to be a little less optimistic when searching for extraterrestrial lifeforms within our own Solar System,” says University of Western Ontario astrobiologist … Read more

Dramatic Image Reveals How Much The Sun Has Changed in Two Years : ScienceAlert

The solar cycle has been reasonably well understood since 1843 when Samuel Schwabe spent 17 years observing the variation of sunspots. Since then, we have regularly observed the ebb and flow of the sunspots cycle every 11 years. More recently ESA’s Solar Orbiter has taken regular images of the Sun to track the progress as … Read more