Scientists Think This Psychedelic Drug Could Help Treat Anorexia : ScienceAlert

The psychedelic drug psilocybin (as found in ‘magic’ mushrooms) has promising potential as a treatment for the eating disorder anorexia nervosa, according to new research that looked at its effects on an animal model of the condition. Psilocybin appears to free up the brain enough to break out of the rigid patterns of thought which … Read more

Scientists Think a Giant, Unseen Planet Is Hiding in Our Solar System : ScienceAlert

Our Solar System is a pretty busy place. There are millions of objects moving around – everything from planets, to moons, to comets, and asteroids. And each year we’re discovering more and more objects (usually small asteroids or speedy comets) that call the Solar System home. Astronomers had found all eight of the main planets … Read more

Scientists Discover Key Food Nutrients Linked to Slower Brain Aging : ScienceAlert

Understanding the biological processes of getting older could help us lead longer lives, and stay healthier later in life – and a new study links the speed at which our brain ages with the nutrients in our diets. Researchers from the University of Illinois and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln mapped brain scans against nutritional intake … Read more

Scientists Discover an Anomaly in The Universe’s Gravity : ScienceAlert

Over the last 100 years, countless studies have proven that Albert Einstein’s greatest theory – his theory of general relativity – is practically bulletproof, capable of everything from predicting black holes to guiding your GPS technology. However, as scientists arm themselves with more powerful and sophisticated technology, capable of peering into the cosmos in unprecedented … Read more

Dark Matter Telescope Reveals Its First Color Images, And They’re Amazing : ScienceAlert

A mind-boggling number of shining galaxies, a purple and orange star nursery and a spiral galaxy similar to our Milky Way: new images were revealed from Europe’s Euclid space telescope on Thursday. It is the second set of images released by the European Space Agency since Euclid launched last year on the first-ever mission to … Read more

Scientist Proposes a New Universal Law of Biology That May Explain Aging : ScienceAlert

Life appears to require at least some instability. This fact should be considered a biological universality, proposes University of Southern California molecular biologist John Tower. Biological laws are thought to be rare and describe patterns or organizing principles that appear to be generally ubiquitous. While they can be squishier than the absolutes of math or … Read more

Astronomers Discover The Largest Planet-Forming Disk We’ve Ever Seen : ScienceAlert

Roughly 1,000 light-years from Earth, there is a cosmic structure known as IRAS 23077+6707 (IRAS 23077) that resembles a giant butterfly. Ciprian T. Berghea, an astronomer with the US Naval Observatory, originally observed the structure in 2016 using the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System (Pan-STARRS). To the surprise of many, the structure has … Read more

Drinking Coffee May Help Protect Against Parkinson’s, Study Says : ScienceAlert

We know that what we eat and drink has a significant impact on our health, and a new study has found another connection between drinking coffee and being less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease. Looking at data collected on 184,024 individuals across an average of 13 years, the international team of researchers behind the study … Read more

Daily Cannabis Use Overtakes Alcohol For First Time in The US : ScienceAlert

A major shift is underway in the United States where, for the first time in a national, decades-long survey, using cannabis regularly has become more common than drinking alcohol often. “It is striking that high-frequency cannabis use is now more commonly reported than is high-frequency drinking,” says Jonathan Caulkins, a public health policy researcher at … Read more