Europe’s Oldest Human-Made ‘Megastructure’ Discovered under Baltic Sea

Archaeologists have identified what may be Europe’s oldest human-made megastructure, submerged 21 meters below the Baltic Sea in the Bay of Mecklenburg, Germany. This structure – which has been named the Blinkerwall – is a continuous low wall made from over 1,500 granite stones that runs for almost a kilometer. The evidence suggests it was constructed … Read more

Mysterious Ancient Megastructure Discovered Lurking Beneath The Baltic Sea : ScienceAlert

Beneath the cold, dark waves of the Baltic Sea, a hidden piece of history lurks. In Germany’s Bay of Mecklenburg, 21 meters (69 feet) down, scientists have found an ancient stone megastructure, dating back to the Stone Age, more than 10,000 years ago. Spanning a length of nearly a kilometer (0.62 miles) and consisting of … Read more

Friction Plays a Surprising Role in The Development of Sea Squirt Eggs : ScienceAlert

A dazzling rearrangement of egg cell innards follows fertilization, but until now we didn’t know how. New research reveals friction helps shape the cell to create a centralized point of organization, at least in ascidians… animals better known as sea squirts. Like a potter’s hand moulding spinning clay, the gentle rubbing between a cell’s components … Read more

A Record-Sized Deep Sea Coral Reef Was Mapped in The Atlantic, And It’s Breathtaking : ScienceAlert

Dense thickets of ghostly corals shelter myriads of unfamiliar sea creatures have been found covering a vast area of the deep Atlantic, breaking records to become the largest known deep sea reef. “It’s eye-opening – it’s breathtaking in scale,” says Scripps Institution of Oceanography marine biologist Stuart Sandin. We barely have a clue what these … Read more

Robotic dodecahedron searches the deep sea for new species

The robotic dodecahedron (circled) mounted on a submersible Brennan Phillips A robotic dodecahedron can capture fragile deep-sea animals to collect tissues samples and construct three-dimensional scans of the creatures, potentially speeding up the cataloguing of the up to 66 per cent of ocean species that are yet to be described by science. Brennan Phillips at … Read more

Red Sea: Cheap drone attacks have outsized effect on global economic inflation

A missile being fired off the USS Carney towards Houthi missiles and drones in the Red Sea U.S. Navy Attacks on container ships in the Red Sea have forced hundreds of ships carrying billions of dollars’ worth of cargo to avoid the region and the shortcut to the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal, resulting in … Read more

China’s record-breaking Gravity-1 rocket aces amazing debut launch from ship at sea (video)

A new Chinese rocket just blasted its way into the record books. The Gravity-1 vehicle, built by Chinese company Orienspace, lifted off for the first time ever Thursday (Jan. 11). The squat, burly rocket rose off the deck of a ship stationed in the Yellow Sea at 12:30 a.m. EST (0530 GMT), sending two big … Read more