Conspiracy Theorists Can Change Their Minds, Surprising Study Shows : ScienceAlert

Many people believe at least one conspiracy theory. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing – conspiracies do happen. To take just one example, the CIA really did engage in illegal experiments in the 1950s to identify drugs and procedures that might produce confessions from captured spies. However, many conspiracy theories are not supported by … Read more

Amateur astronomers can make breathtaking discoveries. This new photobook on Kickstarter shows how

Shining with a striking assembly of astronomy-centric imagery, a new Kickstarter campaign from artist Daniel Stephen Homer hopes to create what’s being described as the world’s first photobook exploring the deep global collaborations between amateur and professional astronomers. This limited edition project, titled “Route de la Belle Etoile” (Route of the Beautiful Star), highlights the … Read more

One of The World’s Most Mysterious Whales Shows Signs of Holding Traditions : ScienceAlert

Repeated sightings of an elusive whale in a strange place could indicate a cultural tradition. Scientists have repeatedly seen a group of Baird’s beaked whales (Berardius bairdii) frolicking in shallow waters around the Commander Islands, at the border between the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea. The strange part? Baird’s beaked whales, like all beaked … Read more

Surprise Discovery Shows Blue Whales Have Been Mating With Another Species : ScienceAlert

New research suggests interspecies hanky panky between blue and fin whales is more common than we thought, at least in certain parts of the world. Genome sequencing of North Atlantic blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus musculus) revealed around 3.5 percent of the group’s DNA came from a neighboring species, fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus). The scientists from … Read more

Research Shows One Easy Diet Swap Can Reduce Blood Pressure And Heart Attacks : ScienceAlert

One in three Australian adults has high blood pressure (hypertension). Excess salt (sodium) increases the risk of high blood pressure so everyone with hypertension is advised to reduce salt in their diet. But despite decades of strong recommendations we have failed to get Australians to cut their intake. It’s hard for people to change the … Read more

SpaceX shows of 4 giant Starship Super Heavy boosters (photos)

SpaceX wants to launch its giant Starship vehicle often over the coming months, as a new photo makes abundantly clear. In a post on X this afternoon (Feb. 2), SpaceX shared photos of the “megabay” at its Stabase site in South Texas, the center of Starship manufacturing and launch activities.  The building is jam-packed with … Read more

Ancient Jewelry Shows Ice Age Europe Had 9 Distinct Cultures

Bling isn’t a modern invention; humans have been wearing what anthropologists call personal ornamentation for tens of thousands of years. And the distinct ways prehistoric people adorned themselves can illuminate long-vanished cultures. A new study has used more than 100 types of beads, made of shells, ivory and other materials, to determine that there were … Read more

Anomalous Moon Substance Shows Curious Magnetic And Reflective Properties : ScienceAlert

Erosion isn’t a thing on the Moon like it is on Earth. With no atmosphere or tectonic plates, the lunar surface remains scarred with impact craters and covered in dust – dust that could hold clues to our lunar companion’s magnetic history. A team of scientists has just discovered some oddly reflective dust-covered boulders in … Read more

Stunning night sky time-lapse shows how colorful the stars really are (photo)

An eight-hour long exposure of the night sky captured from the Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve in Portugal by astrophotographer Miguel Claro. (Image credit: Miguel Claro) Miguel Claro is a professional photographer, author and science communicator based in Lisbon, Portugal, who creates spectacular images of the night sky. As a European Southern Observatory Photo Ambassador and member of The World At … Read more

Mounting evidence shows daily multivitamins keep you sharp as you age

It isn’t known which components of multivitamins are responsible for cognitive benefits AsiaVision/Getty Images Taking a daily multivitamin slows the rate of memory decline in older people, a study has shown. The research is the third randomised trial to produce such a result, adding to the growing body of evidence that multivitamins can slow the … Read more