Lasers smaller than a human hair emit doughnut-shaped light

An artist’s impression of a hollow nanowire emitting doughnut-shaped laser light Masato Takiguchi et al./ACS Photonics/American Chemical Society 2024 Tiny, hollow wires can produce doughnut-shaped laser light that could be used to levitate small objects or transmit information. Conventional lasers typically make beams that appear as a single, small point of light when they hit … Read more

Small Spaces in the City review: Can we thrive in a smaller future?

Takeshi Hosaka’s micro-home, Love2 House, in Tokyo, features in the Small Spaces in the City exhibition. © Takeshi Hosaka Small Spaces in the City: Rethinking inside the box ROCA London Gallery, until 16 March 2024 “Cook’s at it again,” reads one Antarctic station log entry from the 1970s. “Threw a lemon pie and cookies all … Read more