Strange Phase of Matter That Only Existed in Theory Turns Out to Be Real : ScienceAlert

A strange phase of matter that previously existed purely in the realm of theory has finally been detected in a real material. It’s known as the Bragg glass phase – a strange, seemingly paradoxical arrangement of atoms in a glass material where the particles are nearly as ordered as those in a perfect crystal. Scientists … Read more

An Evolutionary ‘Big Bang’ Explains Why Snakes Come in So Many Strange Varieties

February 23, 2024 4 min read Snakes saw a burst of adaptation about 128 million years ago that led to them exploding in diversity and evolving up to three times faster than lizards By Jack Tamisiea An eyelash pit viper from the New Wold tropics. Credit: Alejandro Arteaga/Khamai Foundation When they first evolved from lizards … Read more

Strange Metal From Beyond Our World Found in Ancient Treasure Stash : ScienceAlert

Amidst a cache of glittering golden treasures from the Iberian Bronze Age, a pair of corroded objects might be the most precious of all. A dull bracelet and a rusted hollow hemisphere decorated with gold are forged, researchers have found, not out of metal from beneath the ground, but with iron from meteorites that fell … Read more

Radio signals from Orion nebula reveal new data about strange celestial objects

Last year, using the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), astronomers made the startling discovery of some free-floating, planetary-mass objects in the Orion nebula that threw their ideas of planet and star formation into doubt. And now, new research has further deepened the mystery around these so-called Jupiter-mass binary objects, or JuMBOs.  JuMBOs aren’t stars, but aren’t … Read more

Strange Object Described as Dracula’s Sandwich Could Represent a New Kind of Baby Star : ScienceAlert

Space, it seems, is teeming not with stars and galaxies but with delicious cosmic snacks. A new object in the Milky Way discovered by a team of astronomers led by Ciprian Berghea of the US Naval Observatory has been given the nickname Dracula’s Chivito, after the meat-laden sandwich that is the national dish of Uruguay. … Read more

Strange Meteorite Fragments That Exploded Over Berlin Now Identified : ScienceAlert

On January 21st, 2024, a meter-sized asteroid (2024 BX1) entered Earth’s atmosphere and exploded over Berlin at 12:33 am UTC (07:45 pm EST; 04:33 pm PST). Before it reached Earth, 2024 BX1 was a Near-Earth Asteroid (NEA) with an orbit that suggests it was part of the Apollo group. The fragments have since been located … Read more

Tardigrade Genes Reveal a Strange History of Their Crazy Survival Skills : ScienceAlert

Tardigrades stand apart from much of the animal kingdom due to their extreme durability, which famously helps the tiny creatures survive being boiled, frozen, irradiated, and fired from a gun, among other indignities. Hoping to better understand these superpowers, scientists have identified many individual genes that may contribute to tardigrades’ survival skills. Less clear, however, … Read more

Strange New Kind of Magnetism Found Lurking In Material Just Six Atoms Thick : ScienceAlert

More than half a century ago, Japanese physicist Yosuke Nagaoka theorized a way a magnetic field might expand from meandering electrons restlessly searching for a place to rest that was radically different from conventional models of ferromagnetism. A phenomenon recently observed in a stack of alternating semiconductors could be explained by Nagaoka’s speculations, while throwing … Read more