Big, dead satellite predicted to fall to Earth today. Will any debris survive the fiery reentry?

A European Space Agency spacecraft is making an uncontrolled nosedive into Earth’s atmosphere – with elements of the 2.3-ton spent satellite likely to survive the plunge into purgatory. The exact time and place above Earth that the radar-scanning ESA European Remote Sensing (ERS-2) augers in is unknown, but a new prediction of the spacecraft’s demise … Read more

Drought has hit the Panama Canal hard – can it survive climate change?

Ships waiting to enter the Panama Canal in August 2023 Bienvenido Velasco/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock The Panama Canal was among the defining engineering achievements of the 20th century. Since its completion in 1914, it has served as one of the world’s most important shipping routes, providing the fastest way to sail between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. But … Read more

Occupied City review: How does a city survive external control?

Tobogganing in the streets of Amsterdam as an act of citizenship A24 Films Occupied CitySteve McQueenUK, 9 February; US, already released ARTIST and director Steve McQueen’s documentary Occupied City unfolds at a leisurely pace. Viewers will welcome an intermission after 2 hours. If you need to make a fast getaway, that is your chance – but … Read more

Stunning slo-mo videos show how insects survive raindrop collisions

  Water striders are tiny insects that have a surprising ability to survive impacts with raindrops dozens of times heavier than they are. Slow-motion videos of them getting smashed by water have revealed the tricks they use to avoid getting crushed – including how they can shoot into the air aboard a water jet and … Read more

We finally know how tardigrades can survive extreme conditions

A tardigrade seen with a fluorescence microscope, with a fluorescent marker highlighting some of its organs Smythers et al./PLoS ONE (CC-BY 4.0) Tardigrades are renowned for their ability to withstand extreme environments – now we know how they do it. Tiny molecular sensors in their cells can detect when they produce too many damaging molecules … Read more

Molecules vital for life could survive in Venus’s acid clouds

The acid clouds surrounding Venus might not be hostile to some of life’s key molecules JAXA/ISAS/DARTS/Kevin M. Gill Amino acids can survive in concentrated sulphuric acid similar to that found in Venus’s clouds. This doesn’t make Earth-like life more likely in these clouds, but it does open the possibility of a kind of life based … Read more

Strange alien worlds suggest Earth could survive the death of the sun

MARK GARLICK/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY IT ALL seemed so simple when we knew the date of Earth’s demise. In 5 billion years from now, so the story went, the solar system will have dramatically transformed. Instead of being the benign presence we are used to, the sun will have ballooned into a giant, hundreds of times … Read more

A Neuroscientist Explains How to Survive The Stress of The Holidays : ScienceAlert

Just as the shift to shorter days and colder weather can bring with it mood swings and other emotional challenges, the holiday season can also bring about somewhat predictable changes in mood and behavior. Around this time of year, many of us experience more stress, anxiety and frustration than usual. These stressors have been linked … Read more