Small Spaces in the City review: Can we thrive in a smaller future?

Takeshi Hosaka’s micro-home, Love2 House, in Tokyo, features in the Small Spaces in the City exhibition. © Takeshi Hosaka Small Spaces in the City: Rethinking inside the box ROCA London Gallery, until 16 March 2024 “Cook’s at it again,” reads one Antarctic station log entry from the 1970s. “Threw a lemon pie and cookies all … Read more

Male astronauts headed to Mars could thrive on this vegetarian salad

Mars-bound astronauts can now enjoy the “perfect” space meal thanks to new research on nutritional, sustainable and tasty options for long-duration missions.  Researchers studied male astronauts’ specialized nutritional needs to develop more appealing, nutrient-dense options. It turns out the optimal space meal is a tasty vegetarian salad, leveraging ingredients that can be grown in space … Read more

How exotic alien life could thrive in the giant molecular clouds of deep space

An astronomer has outlined a way for methane-producing life to thrive in the molecular clouds of deep space, opening up a new pathway to understanding the potential origins and diversity of life. Space is hostile to life. There’s no abundant air. All of the water is frozen. Everything’s all spread out. And there’s deadly radiation … Read more