Largest COVID Vaccine Study Ever Reveals The Actual Health Risks You Face : ScienceAlert

The largest global vaccine safety study has linked COVID-19 vaccines with small increases in health conditions involving the brain, blood, and heart. The international team of researchers emphasizes that the chances of getting any of these conditions are still very low. It’s important to note that extensive research shows COVID-19 vaccines protect against serious illness, … Read more

Science alone won’t end cervical cancer, even though we have a vaccine

IN 2003, those of us deeply involved in the prevention of cervical cancer heard some astonishing news. Results of a four-year, placebo-controlled trial of a prototype vaccine for a form of the virus that causes this cancer, known as HPV-16, were out. Of the 2400 participants who had the active vaccine, not one acquired an … Read more

A Game-Changing Vaccine Could Lower ‘Bad’ Cholesterol by 30% : ScienceAlert

High cholesterol is becoming an all-too common health problem, now affecting almost 2 in 5 adults in the US. Now a new vaccine currently in development promises to effectively and affordably lower levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol in the body. This bad cholesterol – in the form of low-density lipoproteins or LDLs – is the type … Read more

Landmark Melanoma Vaccine Could Be Available in Just 2 Years : ScienceAlert

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel told AFP his company’s experimental vaccine against melanoma could be available in as little as two years, in what would amount to a landmark step against the most serious form of skin cancer. Globally there were an estimated 325,000 new melanoma cases and 57 ,000 deaths from the disease in 2020. “We … Read more