Wise Animals review: Exploring the entwined worlds of humans and tech

Every part of our lives is a result of humans co-evolving with tech Shutterstock/interstid Wise AnimalsTom Chatfield (Pan Macmillan) IN 1770, inventor Wolfgang von Kempelen claimed to have created a machine that could skilfully play chess against human opponents. Known as the Mechanical Turk, his contraption defeated many challengers, including Napoleon Bonaparte and Benjamin Franklin, and caused … Read more

Brazilian flea toad may be the world’s smallest vertebrate

A flea toad perches on 1 Brazilian real (the coin has a diameter of 27 millimetres) Renato Gaiga A tiny Brazilian frog about the size of a pea may threaten the current record-holder for the world’s smallest vertebrate. The flea toad Brachycephalus pulex (actually a frog species) was first described by scientists in 2011. Shortly … Read more

One of The World’s Most Mysterious Whales Shows Signs of Holding Traditions : ScienceAlert

Repeated sightings of an elusive whale in a strange place could indicate a cultural tradition. Scientists have repeatedly seen a group of Baird’s beaked whales (Berardius bairdii) frolicking in shallow waters around the Commander Islands, at the border between the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea. The strange part? Baird’s beaked whales, like all beaked … Read more

World’s 1st fault-tolerant quantum computer launching this year ahead of a 10,000-qubit machine in 2026

The world’s first commercial fault-tolerant quantum computer with “logical qubits” may be running before the year’s end. Logical qubits — physical quantum bits, or qubits, connected through quantum entanglement — reduce errors in quantum computers by storing the same data in different places. This diversifies the points of failure when running calculations.  The new machine, … Read more

World’s biggest onshore wind turbine blades unveiled in China

Blades that will form part of the world’s largest onshore wind turbines SANY Renewable Energy The world’s largest-ever onshore wind turbine blades have been manufactured in China. At 131 metres in length, each foil would dwarf Big Ben or the Statue of Liberty. Once installed in central China in the coming months, each of the … Read more

JWST Imaged Two Apparent Alien Worlds Still Circling The Bodies of Their Dead Stars : ScienceAlert

No star dies quietly. Even the most peaceful of stellar deaths involve quakes, eruptions, and the shedding of huge amounts of mass into surrounding space. This will be the eventual fate of the Sun, puffing up into a red giant that may extend as far as Mars before its outer material drifts free and its … Read more

World’s First 3D-Printed Neural Tissue Grows And Functions Like a Human Brain : ScienceAlert

Researchers have created the first functional 3D-printed brain tissue that can develop and form connections in the same way as real human brain tissue. This remarkable accomplishment by a team at the University of Wisconsin–Madison provides neuroscientists with a new tool for studying communication between brain cells and other parts of the human brain, potentially … Read more

Earth isn’t the only planet with seasons, but they can look wildly different on other worlds

Spring, summer, fall and winter – the seasons on Earth change every few months, around the same time every year. It’s easy to take this cycle for granted here on Earth, but not every planet has a regular change in seasons. So why does Earth have regular seasons when other planets don’t? I’m an astrophysicist who … Read more

Nanoparticles in Some of The World’s Oldest Rocks Found to Hide Clues on Life’s Origins : ScienceAlert

Encased inside some of the oldest rocks on Earth are previously overlooked nanocrystals that tell a story about how life might have emerged. Earth scientists at the University of Western Australia and the University of Cambridge say their findings could explain why phosphorus became a major building block of life and how molecules first clicked … Read more

Tiny Fossils Reveal Dinosaurs’ Lost Worlds

Enter the fossil gallery of a natural history museum, and you’re likely to encounter spectacular skeletons of some of the most manifestly awesome creatures ever to have walked our planet: dinosaurs. From towering sauropods and fearsome tyrannosaurs to tanklike ankylosaurs and horned ceratopsians, dinosaurs dominate our conceptions of the past. But to understand these animals … Read more