Deadly plant kills its pollinators but nurses their young

The Arisaema plant is a death trap for the fungus gnats that pollinate it Archive PL/Alamy Jack-in-the-pulpit flowers – famed for trapping and killing their pollinators – might also serve as a nursery for the insects’ eggs, revealing a more nuanced and mutually beneficial relationship that challenges existing assumptions. These pitcher-shaped plants, of the genus … Read more

Young Mars had active volcanoes near a mile-deep lake. Could life have thrived there?

Early Mars may have been more tectonically and volcanically active than previously thought. Evidence of tectonic activity around 4 billion years ago was provided by 63 new examples of various volcanoes found in a strange region of Mars with odd properties that set it apart from the rest of the Martian highlands. A team of … Read more

Saturn’s ‘Death Star’ Moon May Hide a Massive, Shockingly Young Ocean

To planetary scientists, Mimas—one of Saturn’s moons—is best known for its uncanny resemblance to the Death Star in Star Wars. While Mimas most definitely isn’t a planet-destroying superweapon, nobody could say with any certainty whether an abundance of liquid water was hiding beneath its icy shell. But a new paper, published today in Nature, has … Read more

Meteorite Reveals The Young Moon’s Crust Held Far More Water Than We Ever Realized : ScienceAlert

When you think of the Moon, the adjective “damp” generally doesn’t spring to mind. Earth’s natural satellite is known to be very dry; a gray ball of gunpowder-scented dust and ancient volcanic rock. It’s been a long time since anyone thought there might be an ocean of liquid water up there. Yet the Moon isn’t … Read more

JWST Reveals Young Star Beta Pictoris Has a Surprising Second Disk : ScienceAlert

You think you know someone, then you see them in a slightly different way and BAM, they surprise you. I’m not talking about other people of course, I’m talking about a fabulous star that has been studied and imaged a gazillion times. Beta Pictoris has been revealed by many telescopes, even Hubble, to be home … Read more

James Webb Space Telescope spots young planetary system’s dusty ‘cat tail’

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has seen Beta Pictoris as never before, capturing a previously unseen structure that gives the young planetary system a dusty cat’s tail. Located 63 light-years away, from us Beta Pictoris is a star around twice the size of the sun and eight times as bright, surrounded by a disk … Read more

Cancer in young people is rising and 2023 saw a plan to figure out why

Changing diets may be one explanation for a rise in early-onset cancer Coldsnowstorm/Getty Images Researchers called this year for an urgent need to understand the rising rates of cancer in people under the age of 50, saying we must finally get to grips with this growing problem. Over the past few decades, the number of diagnoses for … Read more

Meet the Young Activists behind the New Youth Climate Lawsuit

CLIMATEWIRE | SAN FRANCISCO — Maya Wiliams, 17, already does what she can to tackle climate change. She’s a vegan. She elected not to get her driver’s license, and she turns down trips if they involve airplanes. Now the high school senior is also a challenger in Genesis B. v. EPA, the latest youth-led climate lawsuit that accuses the … Read more