Viewing the Milky Way from Canada


I am planning a visit this summer to Canada and I am looking for some tips on being able to see as many stars and the milky way. I am more of a city person, so some of these questions may sound elementary:

1) I was messing around with the website darksitefinder. If anyone is familar with the color scales, how dark does your location need to be to really see things well (blue?)

2) I read online the farther north you go, the less likely you can see the milky way. How true is this? I would be 30 to 35 degrees north. This would be in August.

Edit: 50 degrees, not 30. Thinking somewhere in Manitoba that is far enough away from Winnipeg

3) Should I avoid a location that has a city south of me?

Are all of these minor details or are there more important details I should be thinking about?