Virtual Telescope Project: Asteroid Leona will be occulting Betelgeuse for a few seconds from 1:08:23 UTC EST (16:17 EST.)

I thought more people around the world would like to see this as most of us will have to watch it virtually.

(I hope I got the times correct. can you make sure please.)


This from home page:


LADIES & GENTLEMEN: this is one of the rarest opportunities of our lives. A truly epic event is coming.

On 12 Dec. 2023, asteroid (319) Leona will be between us and the star Betelgeuse, alpha Orionis, occulting it for a few seconds. Of course Betelgeuse is very far away, this alignment being only matter of perspective, but the result will be mind blowing.

During the occultation, Betelgeuse will disappear for a short time, how much depends on the angular size of this huge star vs the one of the asteroid. Also the position of the observer on the Earth matters, to the point that this event is only visible from a very narrow strip of our planet.

Luckily enough, Southern Italy is part of this, so we will go there with light equipment and will try to grab scientific data, as well as sharing the view live!

Trust us: this is one of the rarest natural events ever and we will do our best to bring this to you, hoping in good weather…”