Was looking up for Orionids shower & saw something but unsure? Looking for real explanation.

Disclaimer: I read the rules. I know it was NOT Starlink and not a star or planet. I love astronomy and tried really hard to Google my experience. I couldn’t find anything so here I am.

I was lying on my backyard trampoline and looking up and slightly SE to watch for any meteors with the Orionids tonight. A few minutes in I see a faint, cloudy mass of light but NOT Starlink or a single point of light.

The best way I can think to describe it is a faint cloudy light mass (like a fain galaxy) that was shaped like this symbol: }
BUT it moved across the sky from SE overhead of me to NW and then I lost it before I could keep track it behind me. It maybe was in my view for 3 or 5 seconds. Long enough to notice, track it in a straight line, and realize it wasn’t a flashlight or anything…
My first thought was that my eyes were just tricking me in the dark but even after I blinked, it was still going for a split second more overhead.
It reminded me of a spotlight moving across a cloud but we had 0 clouds in view tonight and there was no beam up the sky.

I’m sure there’s some phenomenon or scientific explanation but I don’t know it. Any ideas? Thanks for reading.