Watch the bittersweet trailer for ‘Star Trek: Discovery’s final season (video)

It’s been a long and somewhat bumpy road for Paramount Plus’ “Star Trek: Discovery” since it first touched down on the streaming platform back in 2017 as the first “Star Trek” small screen enterprise in 12 years. It’s taken a couple of seasons to moderate its tone and style but it seems on track to bring it all home safely starting on April 4, to stick the landing and satiate most temperamental fans.

Now with the turbulent events of season 4 in the rear view mirror after finally confronting the Dark Matter Entity, it’s time for one last heroic mission for Captain Michael Burnham and her valiant crew into the cold inky abyss of deep space to try and locate a powerful treasure as this latest sentimental trailer explains. (Check out our Star Trek streaming guide to see when and where to catch the latest Trek shows.)