Why does the weather say the sunset starts getting later on the 17th? Shouldn’t that happen on the 21st or 22nd?

Edit: people told me the answer and I now have a new question:

Ok I just looked and whoa that’s weird! Now I have a different question.

So the sunrise happens later after the 21st, but the sunset happens even later. But faster… even faster than the rate it was decreasing each day before the 21st…!

How does the sunset time decrease at a certain rate each day before the 21st, but after the 21st, when the sunset switches back to increasing, why does it increase at a way faster rate than it was going before?

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The sunset says it’s exactly at 5:00pm. But December 17th it says the sunset is happening 5:01pm, and gradually getting later and later each day. I’m confused—I always thought this happens after the 21st.

The sunrise is doing the opposite—it’s getting later and later. It starts today at 8:00am exactly, and gets later and later to 8:10am up until *January 7th*, then it starts going back down to 8:09am on the 8th.

I always thought the latest sunrise is on the 21st and the earliest sunset was also on the 21st, “the shortest day of the year”.