Will I See Stars with Naked Eye Here?

I been trying to see some beautiful night skies with stars. I live in NYC and never experienced a beautiful night sky with actual stars, most I ever seen is probably a dozen or less. Found a place, Primland, Auberge Resorts in VA. Its supposed to have beautiful night skies and they even have a observatory. I wanted to know, based on what I see here on lightpollutionmap, will we be able to actually see stars with the naked eye here on a clear sky? I see some pictures and you can almost see the whole galaxy in those pics lol, I don’t expect to see all that maybe with a naked eye but realistically how much would I see if I go on a good clear night? are there any inexpensive binoculars or tools I can use to enhance my viewing?

Also, on lightpollutionmap which of the metrics should I look at to determine how much I’d be able to see. If you guys have any recommendations for some dark sky areas, parks or resorts on the east coast Id love to hear them! Thanks!